Standard Operating Procedure Software

SOP software that helps your employees save time and follow procedures

Stop storing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in a binder somewhere. Put them into a format your employees can use every single time.

Transform your SOPs so your employees can follow any procedure - no matter how complex

Some procedures are simple. But some are complex. It isn't enough for you to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You need software that enables your employees to easily find and follow any SOP, any time.

ScreenSteps allows you to make it easy for your employees to follow both simple and complex procedures, saving time, reducing employee mistakes, and making your whole organization run more efficiently.

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Reduce errors and enhance productivity with procedures your employees can find and follow

When you make your procedures "dummy proof," everyone works faster and with fewer mistakes.

  • Publish quickly

  • Format clearly

  • Find it fast

  • Analyze and improve



Publish your procedures in days, not weeks

In many organizations, it takes months to document or update your SOPs. Not with ScreenSteps. Using our rapid authoring tools



Reduce confusion by improving your formatting

Are your SOPs a giant wall of text? Do your employees have to read through multiple times to figure out what to do?

Not with ScreenSteps. Using the integrated formatting tools to create decision trees, foldable sections, screenshots, and pop-up information to make every procedure crystal clear.



Find your procedures fast

Are you frustrated because your employees don't use the SOPs you have created? Oftentimes this is because they can't find them. Many SOPs are hidden inside of larger documents.

With ScreenSteps you can make each SOP its own article. Employees can search for, open, and follow an SOP in seconds.

You can also optionally use our ScreenSteps Browser Extension to put your SOPs right inside of the web apps your employees use.



Don't leave your SOPs stagnant — use data to analyze and improve

Once your employees start following your SOPs you will find opportunities to optimize and improve. 

Use the analytics tools to identify what your employees are searching for and which procedures they are following. Get feedback through comments to identify procedures that need to be updated.


Easily create "dummy proof" SOPs

ScreenSteps will help your employees know what to do and will help you create, publish, and update clear, effective SOPs in less time.

screen capture

Integrated screen capture

Increase the clarity of your SOPs without having to copy and paste images into a Word document or web editor. Use the integrated screen capture to easily add and update screenshots in your guides.

If you work with screenshots, ScreenSteps will save you hours each week.

question mark

Use questions to simplify decisions

Are your SOPs filled with "If this, then that" statements? These types of SOPs can confuse employees and slow them down. 

Ask employees questions and change the instructions they are given based on their answers.

This makes even complex procedures, simple to follow.

interactive checklists

Interactive checklists

Checklists enable employees to work more quickly and with fewer mistakes. 

Interactive checklists let you easily add additional reference information to your checklists so that your employees not only know what to do, they know how to do it.


Link to additional information

Don't waste time rewriting information that is already in your knowledge base. Easily link to other articles. You can even link to other articles as "pop-ups" so that your employees don't lose the context of the procedure they are following when they need to get some additional information.


How will my employees access my SOPs?

How will this integrate with our other systems?

What browsers are supported?

Can I use ScreenSteps to create PDFs?

Need help creating and optimizing your Standard Operating Procedures?

Our team sees a lot of procedures which means we can help you and your team optimize your procedures so that they become "dummy proof." 

We can help you with everything from capturing and defining your procedures, to formatting and optimizing them.

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See your procedures in ScreenSteps

Researching new software takes time and energy. The fastest way to get to know a program is through hands-on experience. See an example of your procedures in ScreenSteps. 

If you have existing procedures in a Word or PDF format, we can help save you time in your evaluation by loading a few examples of your procedures into a trial account for you.

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What our customers are saying

“With ScreenSteps, new agents don’t seem to have any calls that they shudder with. They feel confident handling any type of call within the first 15 days of being hired (even the more involved calls), and by day 45 they are pretty much experts.”

Stephanie Beal | Trainer, Business Process Outsourcer

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“There are a lot of internal processes, how different departments react to each other. ... For actual walkthroughs and processes where we need to see what needs to happen next, we use ScreenSteps.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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"The fact that we now have the ability to make thorough and detailed documentation about some of our business practices has been invaluable."

G2 Customer Review

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Complex procedures meet simple solutions

Ditch the headache caused by complex procedures. With procedure guides, the answers are accessible for everyone from the top to the bottom.

Ready to improve employee performance and training?

If your employees can't find or understand your Standard Operating Procedures, then they can't follow them. See how much more efficient your business can be with ScreenSteps.