Knowledge Base Article Types

Knowledge base articles that help your employees handle every aspect of their jobs, regardless of their experience

Use Standard Articles, Interactive Checklists, and Workflow Articles to help employees handle complex procedures

3 article types to help handle every situation

Help your employees spend less time reading complicated guides and more time getting work done.

Standard Articles: Make it easy for your employees to learn your policies

Create searchable, clearly formatted content quickly with standard articles. Standard Articles are perfect for capturing policies, FAQs, and procedures in a searchable format. 

It’s easy to build the articles with content creation tools, including integrated screen capture, pop-up links, foldable sections, video embedding capabilities, and more.

Interactive Checklists: Eliminate mistakes and adapt to individual employees’ needs

Help your employees work faster and make fewer mistakes with Interactive Checklists. 

Interactive Checklists are flexible to fit the needs of an employee depending on their familiarity with the process.

Experienced employees can quickly follow a checklist, while less experienced employees can expand each checklist item to see detailed instructions.

Workflow Articles: Turn everyone into an expert

Replace “if-then” directions and wordy instructions with easy-to-follow Workflow Articles.

In Workflow Articles, you make complex procedures easy by asking your employees questions and then guiding them through a procedure based on their answers.

It is like you are a coach, sitting next to them, guiding them through the decisions and steps they need to take.

Now users of any experience level can handle complex procedures, troubleshooting tasks, configurations, or customer support calls.

Articles that increase employee confidence (as well as your metrics)

Increase accuracy across the company when you use articles to guide your employees.


Are all article types included in all plans?

Can you help me design Workflow Articles?

Can I use checklists as a task management tool?

Can I store my progress in a checklist or send it to someone else after I have completed a few of the steps?

Can I use Interactive Checklists and Workflow Articles in Courses or the Browser Extension?

Do I have to pay for the different types of articles separately?

“Our last class of newly-hired reps used ScreenSteps and it was the best our call center has ever seen.”

Terry | Chief Client Officer, BPO

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“All feedback from our reps has been beyond positive. My reps appreciate the step-by-step process and describe it as ‘dummy proof.’ Thank you for helping me bring my vision for our protocol revamp to life.”

Yasmin | Call Center Supervisor

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“Our new reps didn’t have any first-day jitters because they were using call flows. They were able to handle any call right out of the gate, and after a few weeks, our new reps had metrics that were better than our tenured reps.

Stephanie Beal | Call Center Trainer

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Share the correct information and complete the right steps using Workflow Articles and Checklists

Whether you want to speed up your handle time or reduce mistakes, see how interactive call flows can make the difference in your call center.

Improve employee performance with digital guides

It’s time for a better performance report. Most mistakes are unnecessary if you’ve clearly documented procedures and your employees regularly follow your guides.