Author Management

Spend less time coordinating and publish content faster

Collaborate with other authors and subject matter experts without endless email chains or complicated spreadsheets

A one-stop shop where you can assign, collaborate, and track article progress

Make writing articles a team effort. Keep on top of content that needs to be updated or new processes that need to be added by divvying out assignments to team members.

Assign, collaborate, write, and track the progress of articles all without leaving ScreenSteps. This reduces the number of emails sent back and forth and ensures the whole team knows the status of an article throughout the publication process.

There’s no “i” in author management

Writing content for a team isn’t a one-person job. Break up assignments for writing articles and training materials.

  • Assign permissions

  • Collaborate with revision notes

  • Restore previous versions

  • Track your progress



Assign permissions

Some authors need access to all of your articles. But some authors should just have access to a few articles that match their areas of expertise. 

Reduce confusion by assigning employees to be responsible for the "next step" of specific articles. By assigning authoring permissions, you can involve your best content creators while still maintaining privacy and control for more sensitive content.



Collaborate with revision notes

Optimize your articles using tools that make collaboration easier. Provide clear and concise feedback and edits for your teammates.

Leave notes and suggestions where they are formatting the articles so that it is easier to communicate and make changes.



Restore previous versions

Never fear accidentally deleting important content from an article. At any time you can go back to previous versions of your article and restore them to your knowledge base. 

That means you don’t need to worry about losing information in the collaboration process.



Track your progress

Never lose track of an article or who’s responsible for it. As your team updates an article, you can mark it with a status so you can easily track its progress.

Know if it is in the beginning development stage, needs an update, needs to be reviewed, or is approved for publication.

You can also filter articles by status to quickly view ongoing assignments.



Can I have users that only review content instead of authoring it?

Can I have a user contribute changes that need to be approved before they are published?

How many revisions are stored for an article?


Get all of your authors trained and on the same page

We have extensive courses and training resources to help get your team started. 

But sometimes you need to hit the ground running with your authoring team and you want some additional help to get everyone heading in the right direction. Our coaches can help get everyone on your team up to speed and on the same page in record time.

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What our customers are saying

“No one else has the author aid tools, the ease of use and the ability to quickly and easily get to an end result like ScreenSteps.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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“As our company has been growing we have been struggling to keep our training program at the best it can be. We are constantly adding new features to our software and it’s hard to keep our support and sales teams up to date on exactly how things work. ScreenSteps has been wonderful in keeping our training resources high quality and up to date to keep our employees ready.”

G2 Customer Review

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ScreenSteps has provided our company with a great way to manage our knowledge base and create informative training modules to give to our employees. It was extremely easy to learn and the documentation helped a great deal whenever we were stumped. We've improved our training by using ScreenSteps and wouldn't ever want to go back.

G2 Customer Review

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Faster development with more dependable content

Great content wasn’t built in a day, but with authoring management tools you can speed up the content creation process.

Create 4x the content in 1/4 the time

With ScreenSteps, your whole team can pitch in for creating content, making production go faster and more effectively.