Interactive Call Flows

Increase QA scores and decrease training time in your call center with step-by-step call flows

Empower your agents to resolve complex calls with minimal training

What is a call flow?

When your contact center agent answers a call, do they know what to say? Or are they overwhelmed because they can't quite remember how to handle a particular situation?

Think of a call flow as a roadmap that guides your agents to a successful outcome, even through the trickiest calls. Interactive call flows make complex calls simple by providing your agents with:

  • Decision tree functionality to handle any call
  • Interactive checklists to ensure no steps are missed
  • Talking prompts so agents know what to ask and what to say

No more putting the customer on hold to “research” answers or escalating calls to supervisors.  

How do call flows help improve my contact center?

Interactive call flows help agents know what to say, ask, and do without any memorization. This empowers your new agents to be productive in half the time.

While calls could go in a dozen directions, call flows help your agents handle each one of them. This means decreased training time, fewer mistakes, and better metrics (ie: QA scores, average handle time, average hold time, first call resolution).

Best of all: a better experience for employees, supervisors, and customers. 

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Where's the proof?

When contact centers use interactive call flows to remove the reliance on memorization and tribal knowledge, metrics skyrocket. 

Decrease in average hold time
Decrease in average handle time
Decrease in agent Time to Proficiency
Decrease in new agent attrition

What improvements can you expect in your call center?

Simplify the call flow process and empower agents to work consistently, independently and confidently.

  • Consistent responses

  • Less agent effort

  • Perfectly designed calls

  • Greater insight



Consistent responses

Turn complicated flow charts and call guides into simple step-by-step call flows. As the prompts lead agents to the correct responses, agents are empowered to work independently. 

It also generates consistent responses and helps your agents — both new hires and tenured — eliminate mistakes for every call.



Less agent effort

Cut back on flipping between screens and programs. When you implement your call flows alongside your call center software, you can easily search for answers on the same screen. 

With full text search, your agents can find the exact call flow they need immediately. No more hitting CTRL-F to find instructions inside a giant Word document.



Perfectly designed calls

By providing what your agents need to say and ask, and showing them what they need to do, you can design the perfect call experience for your customers.

The intuitive software allows you to easily create and update your call flows — no PhD required.



Greater insight

Understand how your call flows are being used by employees. With the built-in reporting, you can see what is working and what needs to be improved. 

This breaks down to which articles (call flows) are being viewed, who is viewing those articles, and which terms are being used to search for those articles.


Additional features that make call flows a must for any contact center

Call flows are reliable tools that help your agents generate consistent outcomes on every call.

decision tree

Create decision trees

Guide your agents through each decision on their call.


Provide prompts

Provide inline prompts to your agents so they know what to ask and say.

interactive checklists

Include checklists

Never miss a step with built-in checklists.


Add context

Quick access to additional information using foldable sections, pop-up links, and more.

Call Flows Success Story

Fortune-500 Company Saves $2.3 Million with Call Flows

This company used call flows to create interactive troubleshooting guides, giving their reps the consistency and clarity they needed.

The result? $2,300,000 saved in the first year.

See How They Did It

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Core Call Flow Template

Start outlining your call center's call flows with this free call flow template. This template helps you break down the different parts of a call flow so that you don't miss a step.

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Contact Center Call Flows FAQs

How will my agents use this?

Will this integrate with our systems?

Won’t this slow my agents down?

How long does it take to create a call flow?

How can call flows improve the metrics in my call center?

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See call flows in action with these pre-recorded demo videos

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  • Learn how knowledge base software can drive real performance & training improvements in your contact center

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What our customers are saying

“Our last class of newly-hired reps used ScreenSteps and it was the best our call center has ever seen.”

Terry | Chief Client Officer, BPO

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“All feedback from our reps has been beyond positive. My reps appreciate the step-by-step process and describe it as ‘dummy proof.’ Thank you for helping me bring my vision for our protocol revamp to life.”

Yasmin | Call Center Supervisor

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“Our new reps didn’t have any first day jitters because they were using call flows. They were able to handle any call right out of the gate, and after a few weeks, our new reps had metrics that were better than our tenured reps.”

Stephanie Beal | Call Center Trainer

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