Courses For Your Procedures

Build custom courses to train your employees — no PhD required

Create, launch, and measure custom courses located in your knowledge base

Courses that don’t require memorization? Yes!

Most Learning Management Systems contain quizzes or other assessments because they want your employees to memorize all of the information in your course. 

With ScreenSteps — because your courses are integrated with your knowledge base — you can teach your employees to use your knowledge base to guide them through procedures and find answers WITHOUT having to memorize any information.

ScreenSteps courses aren't for everyone

ScreenSteps isn't a traditional Learning Management System (LMS), so the way we handle courses is different than other applications. 

In short, if your goal is to help your employees adopt new processes and/or applications, and you need to create custom courses to do that, then ScreenSteps is a great option. But if you are looking for compliance training, SCORM compliance, extensive assessments, or to monetize the courses you create then courses in ScreenSteps probably won't meet your needs.

Remove the fear of change and make transitions easier for employees

Whether you are onboarding a new user, releasing software updates, or rolling out a new application, your custom courses prepare employees for a smooth transition.

  • Create custom courses

  • Teach Zero Memorization

  • Assign employees courses

  • View completion reports



Create custom courses

Keep your team on the same page. When you have workflow changes or your company releases a new product, use custom courses to bring your employees up to speed. 

With ScreenSteps, you can create courses without needing a PhD. Using the same tools that you use to create your ScreenSteps articles, easily embed video or add images, text, foldable sections, and checklists to your course content.



Teach Zero Memorization

Instead of teaching your employees to memorize everything in the course, teach them how to rely on the knowledge base to find the guides when they need them.

Remember, the goal isn't for them to memorize something — it is for them to know how to find the guide they need, when they need it. 

Learn About Zero Memorization



Assign employees courses

Training is an ongoing process. Whether you need to onboard a new employee or update an experienced employee on new processes, you can assign the necessary courses to specific individuals. 

Simply add employees who you want to take the course. Your invitees will receive an email notification with your instructions.



View completion reports

Keep track of core course statistics. Who completed the course? Who started the course? For those who haven’t finished, how far did they get into the course before they dropped off? 

You can follow their course progress so that you can keep your team on task and ensure accountability.


Additional features

Make it easy for your employees to complete their training and know where to find the information they need to successfully follow your procedures, find answers to their questions, and troubleshoot their own problems.


Is ScreenSteps a Learning Management System?

Does ScreenSteps integrate with other Learning Management Systems?

Does ScreenSteps host the videos I create?

What is the most effective way to use ScreenSteps courses?


Train employees in 30 days or less with a better framework

Traditional training practices — such as PowerPoint presentations or trainer demonstrations — are broken. It takes months and leaves employees nervous, inexperienced, and unprepared to work independently.

Find & Follow Training takes memorization out of the equation. Instead, employees only need to remember one thing  — how to find the resource they need at the moment they need it. 

Find & Follow Training


What our customers are saying

“Fifteen agents recently went through training with ScreenSteps and their performance is the BEST that this call center has seen from any new hire training class in the last year.”

Terry | Client Officer, Contact Center

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“ScreenSteps gave me such a massive advantage and is part of the reason why I'm in the position I'm in. I am now capable of coming into organizations and completely revamping their training and their processes because I have a secret weapon. No one else can move as fast, no one else can get things done as quickly.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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“Screensteps has helped us build a better training program and help provide our employees with the best training possible to help them succeed in their new role. The product is so easy to use, which has allowed us to constantly update our training as our product evolves.”

G2 Customer Review

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A+ instructions to get you started on courses

Dive into the details on how to create knowledge-based courses that will prepare your employees for on-the-job experiences.

Knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less

Cut through the training clutter and provide your employees with crucial information so they are prepared to work independently.